Android Auto Keeps You Connected Wherever the Road of Life Takes You

In today's increasingly connected world, drivers are demanding even more connectivity out of their vehicles. The unique Android Auto system delivers a solution for this demand. This popular in-vehicle technology system provides for hands-free calls, music streaming directly from your smartphone, directions, and other apps. The Android Auto experts at Volvo Orland Park are well-equipped to answer any of your questions about this innovative system.

Android Auto offers two convenient ways to utilize the system. Drivers can choose to download the app on their Android phone or you can run Android Auto directly on the vehicle display.

With the help of the compatible Google Assistant, you can queue up a variety of music or audiobooks. There will never be a dull moment in your vehicle again. The assistant can also help you to make calls, send texts, interact with your favorite apps, and more, without even taking your eyes off the road.



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