Stay Prepared on Your Road Trip

Plan for an emergency when you're on a road trip. Make a box with supplies that you can use if you break down on the road or if you're stranded because of an accident on the road. Keep jumper cables, bottles of water, road flares, and snacks along with a flashlight and blankets.

Sometimes your gas hand might indicate that you have less fuel than you thought. If this happens, then get in the right lane on the interstate or highway, driving at a slower speed so that you don't use as much gas until you're able to refuel. Consider keeping a container with gas in your vehicle for this kind of emergency.

Make sure there is a spare tire. If there isn't, then Volvo Orland Park can sometimes provide one that you can purchase in case there are issues with your tires on the trip. Learn about the warning lights on your dashboard as they can indicate if there is an issue with your vehicle.



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